I told Laurel most recently that she’s not bugging me when pushing me hard to define a “success path” for video PLR buyers like you.  I know I’ve done it in my training in various ways on webinars and in some of my training products over the years. 

Defining the Learning Center in E-Learning Playbook was really the final brick of 7 total, laying out an easy-to-understand path you can take if: 
1) You want the option of not having to sell to other marketers
2) You don’t want customers interested in getting rich quick
3) You don’t want to base what you do on the benevolence of Facebook, Google or Instagram
4) You don’t want ‘a method’ or gimmick that’s easy for somebody to come behind you to copy 

Get that path with PLR rights here so that once you’ve learned it and done it, you can teach it:

Building Out a Success Community: Ultimate Insiders 

While I recognize that the main thing with our Ultimate Insiders is the content, my vision has always been to figure out how you can best use the content so that you could easily make it work. So, if you did nothing but get the content (Microsoft Teams PLR is next) you’d have 10X the value of what you’re paying. 

But I want to do more than that. What I really want to do is to give Insiders a map to use the content to its fullest.   That’s why all of the tools we place inside (most recently cloud storage) are necessary.  We want to use them to achieve the path, if you so desire. 

Look for this in the next Q and A.  After Laurel and I have taken questions, I am going to lay this out for you inside. If you’re not yet signed up go here: 

Video Hosting for Your Learning Center 

Yesterday, we mentioned a deal that we talked up when it was launched, and we talked it up again when the creator gave us an exclusive good deal. 

The deal of 67% off has resurfaced. That means that you can still get a better price than you’ll see on the page.  You have to go all of the way to the check-in and enter the following codes: 
For Starter Use: “jvzsplstart” for 67% OFF
For Commercial Use: “jvzsplpro” for 67% OFF 
Go to my demo here: 
Or go straight to the page here: 

Personal Note   

I was on Facebook this week and noticed that there was a post from one of my connections about a PLR creator colleague that did something to get herself banned. She had no idea and didn’t see it coming. And nobody could quite figure out what happened either.  This creator is neither Thelma nor Louise. 

But she said it served the point that you can’t ever really fully depend on them being around here.  I say this just as Laurel and I decided to be a wee bit more active there. I will say this to you though.  The easiest way to reach me is still going to be by email through my support desk. Don’t be scared off by the formality.  I do my own support. And the desk is a way of keeping track. 

I will be doing some support for the former PLR Experts Brand for maybe a few weeks more, but regardless…I’ll be reachable for The PLR Show for the forseeable future.   

So, if Laurel and/or I don’t know you personally…I’d love to know more about your business and what your goals are online. Corny, I know but it’s helpful to us to serve you better That said, do this: Hit reply, then write back to us and let us know: 
1) What your online business is and who you sell to
2) How long you’ve been at it online We’ll be sure to read every word and answer you personally. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.