A good sales letter is supposed to activate your vision.  That’s why a lot of the better ones speak in tangible terms that force you to go into your brain and see yourself in some kind of new desirable state.  Before you know it you’re literally drawn into suspended animation where you feel like you have to buy. It all happens in milliseconds, when done right. 

But that’s not you. Likely, if you read what we write and get what we create, you are much more sober minded. And for the record, because we’re forming a community, I’d rather not even have impulse buyers and people looking to get rich quick in Ultimate Insider.   I don’t want or need subscribers that bad. 

So, know that when I tell you of the impending date of closing, it’s not a trick.  It’s real.  On June 1st, I’m temporarily closing the doors to new members, in order to create things to help the people inside get to digital continuity income…regardless of what path or niche they choose. Go here with eyes wide open: 

Also Ignore The Academy Pro Sales Letter…Do This Instead 

If you have already gone through E-Learning Playbook as a learner and not as a seller (yes, it has PLR rights) then you know that the important thing to have is an area you can brand without having to rebrand videos and individual sales pages. Now, my course focuses in on doing the “Netflix” model–many courses, one price, one place. 

But, you also want to have a place like Udemy.  Where somebody comes to buy Zoom but then they also want to learn about Streaming Video.  And you keep them both in the same place. That’s what you have to think about here…the bells and whistles are cool, but you have to be able to “envision” whether this will fix a gap you have in getting you to continuity. Go here to get it: 

And While I’m On the Subject…CloudFunnels Fits This Too 

Yesterday, I uploaded a video to the group showing you something that was asked by David, one of our Ultimate Insiders.  He asked me if it was possible to embed videos into CloudFunnels. Honestly, since David is an Insider, rather than tell just him the steps…I decided to demonstrate them and then give everyone in our community access. 

But it brought out an important point. The key to understanding what it means for a PLR user is: 
1) You leverage your existing PLR assets when using it and
2) You add your own bonuses without having to use HTML 

Everything else in the sales letter is cool and may be true, but what it’s about for you is: 
1) Build lots of funnels into your learning center
2) Drive traffic to your front end offers 

Go here to see my demo and get yours: 

Personal Note    

I’ve read that any time you have to spend over $300, your brain patterns change.  I think I experienced this with a laptop purchase that I didn’t make before the pandemic started. Who knew there would be a run on laptops? So now the same laptop that was I believe $500, is now $599. So, I have to pay a “pandemic tax.”  All of that because I was hesitant about the initial pricing. 

You can use that to your advantage when you build out your Learning Center.  Build out the value to $500 and then ask for $50 monthly.   Use the PLR you get from us on a monthly basis (next up is Teams) and add to your Learning Center.  Use each new offer to attract new people to your funnel, and keep the people engaged you already have. Go here to get good PLR videos (that you don’t have to revoice) on a monthly basis: