The fact that you can now add your podcast to Amazon Music and Audible could be a good thing.  We’ll have to see. They even have a pre-made button there if your podcast is hosted by Anchor.FM to make it easy to add it.  So that means that once your customer has their podcast on Anchor, they can then easily add it to: 
and now, Amazon 

That’s some potential reach.  Most people though will never get out of the gate unless you help them.   I’ve done the hard work for you.  I worked out the baby steps, recorded them and put them on video.   I also gave you bonus videos on Canva so you could teach them how to create their own graphics and the iTunes so they can leverage that platform also.   You could turn this into a high value course with 60+ videos just from this one package and charge whatever you want. Get the videos here and get started: 

PS…Skip to the front of the line and get the package when you become an Ultimate Insider.  Get it from the interest meeting here: