In more recent training that I’ve been doing I have been talking about the fact that when you start a workshop and a podcast that you have to be consistent.  But last night, I was still recovering from the Google issue and would have had every reason NOT to do the Tuesday Training workshop. But that would have made me a hypocrite of the highest order. But as I have been telling you from experience, it’s important to keep doing it…good or bad and to keep it going. And yes, this is EXACTLY what I expect you to do too.  So, I did cover something that you may not have thought about in terms of selling your PLR.  Go here to see it (and make sure to look for me on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 PM EST).

Use These Workshops for Your Own Content 

One of the reasons that I am doing these workshops is that I take the PowerPoint, the Machine Transcription and the video and give them to our Ultimate Insiders for them to tweak and use as their own Pre-Sell webinars, workshops and trainings. It’s a good way to introduce people to the PLR Video courses that we release when you have them.  We just recently released StreamYard and are working on Gumroad.  I know that you’d like to be doing your own training, but you’re not weird like me and you like writing these things out then teaching. You’d probably teach it if you didn’t have to start from a blank page. There are two ways to get my workshop content with repurpose rights: Become an Ultimate Insider and get them as I release them:

Friday Release of A Contest Share-gate App 

Yesterday, I told you about a share gate app being released by Chad Nicely.  I like this kind of application enough to have signed on to UpViral (currently the market standard) for $35 monthly.  Admittedly, I don’t recommend UpViral when I talk to people because of the monthly charge and because it’s a little complicated to set up. That’s also the reason I don’t use it as much as I’d like to use it. I say all of that…even though I think that it’s something that you (and I) absolutely should be doing with every opt-in, product release and launch.   But there are three (3) things about this app that Chad is doing that I can get behind: 
1) The contest app will be available for a one time fee instead of the $35 monthly I pay for UpViral. 
2) The contest app training will be done by Chad who is one of them best there is at social media engagement for list building and making sales.  It’s likely that the training alone will be worth the price of the application.  
3) One of the offers at the end of the funnel is for an agency license, which you can purchase and use as an incentive for people to join your learning center.  

You will be able to create your own licenses for buyers and charge what you want.  He and his team are going to explain it in a webinar on Friday Morning, which you can sign up to get the software, likely at a discount with some bonuses. Between now and tomorrow, I will do a demo and add appropriate bonus resources.  I do need to keep working to complete Gumroad PLR and don’t have time to be on their webinar. So, I will remind you again and show you the demo tomorrow. Go here to get signed up for the training: