I had two really good ideas last night.  First, I decided to freeze the pricing on the Hackathon.  That means that for now, it will stop going up in price for every sale. Second, I decided that in addition to the 24 videos I added, I will also add in personal use of two WordPress plugins that you may find helpful in part of the Hackathon. All three will help you to build funnels with pages you create in WordPress. So now, in addition to the sessions, you’re also getting:
3 Funnel Building Plugins and
3 Video Courses with Full PLR Rights. 

All is on the download page, go and get it here: 

Why I No Longer Teach College 

For a long time while I was employed full time as a boarding school houseparent for at-risk youth, I also taught college online part time.   And I really liked it, I have to say. I got myself a teaching award and everything. But years later, no one was asking me back to teach college classes. Reason? Students liked the instruction, but sensed that I didn’t like homework or grading. Go figure. 

I haven’t really changed much. But for the Hackathon, I kind of like the idea that you have homework, even though I won’t be grading.   It’s to build out your video Learning Center so that it’s DONE by the time it’s over.  Go here to get it done: 

Additional PLR To Use: 24 Videos Across 3 Courses 

Yesterday, I added 3 additional PLR video courses with full rights that you can use to follow me during the Hackathon. They’re all related and on the subject of WordPress. And you’ll be able to use them in your Video Learning Center. But I want to use them to demonstrate some of the processes to you.  Get in here: 


PS…Next up in terms of our PLR videos is going to be Teachable.  This will be a title that Ultimate Insiders get.  More about Teachable in the coming days.