One of the offers in the Webinarloop Funnel is an agency license. That means that you will be able to sign your monthly customers up for the app. What I suggest that you do is to use this as an additional incentive for people that join (and stay) in your Learning Center.  As long as they remain a remember, you will keep their license active.  (Note*** I will be getting the agency version myself for Ultimate Insiders…) And it’s a good compliment to the video content in your Learning Center. Go here to the page and make sure to go all of the way through the funnel to get the agency license here: 

Go here to see my demo of how it works here:

Tonight’s the Night for My Local Workshop Meetup Tonight is the night where I will be taking the content in the Google My Business PLR (expiring tonight at midnight) and using it to pre-sell the offer.   I will be tracking the evolution of this in my Niche Occupation series.   I am about 12 episodes in and tracking my progress in building a market and audience for my own Learning Center. Go here to see the previous sessions we’ve been doing in the group as well as on YouTube:

Next 2 Video PLR Titles: Podcasting with Anchor and Screencast University 

Our next two titles will be Anchor and Screencast University.  Both of these titles will go to Ultimate Insiders this month (one is an update). In terms of when they will launch to the public, I will keep you posted.  One will happen this month and the other will happen in the future at some point.  

Question From the Hackathon Regarding Kaptiwa Video Hosting 

A question that I received during the Hackathon was regarding the pricing for Kaptiwa and if they would ever bring back the special deal that they open up from time to time. It is open again. However, to get the 67% off you must NOT use the code on my specially coded page.  You will need to use the following codes  “jvzsplstart” for 67% off the Starter Version, and “jvzsplpro” for 67% off the Pro Version: