Depending on what time I wake up tomorrow, E-Learning Playbook will go up in price.  By the time you get tomorrow’s newsletter I will increase the pricing. To get it go, here: 

Note…The Pricing Will Be the Same Across the Board 

In this case, the pricing will be the same on all of our pages and sites.   There will not be a different price for E-Learning Playbook on our home page here:  

At Minute 46 In This Training I Was Asked an Important Question 

I found another training where I covered learning centers.  This time, I talked about one way for you to set up your learning center using Coach Zippy. But right around the 46th minute (and 30 seconds), I was asked an important question about marketing.  You can go and listen in to it here:  

Next Up: The Hackathon – Building Out the Learning Center 

In my next live course we’ll be building out the Hackathon.  I have figured out a way to teach this properly. So, we’ll do some live sessions on how to do the build out. I am now waiting on the Mobile App to be approved before we start. The best thing to do…right now though is to make sure to get E-Learning Playbook, so that you will be able to be start at square one.  You’ll also be able to be an effective teacher.  Go here to get it