Thursday, I will release our Clubhouse over-the-shoulder instructional tutorial PLR videos to the public.  I have already given Ultimate Insiders the course preview in the Member Downloads Area. Now that the hand edited transcripts are back and ready, I will be issuing full Insider Only access later on today or early tomorrow. As soon as that course goes live, we will take down permanently “Creating an Online Workshop” over-the-shoulder videos as a stand-alone product. (They will be available in a higher priced combo this week). Go here to get them: 

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My Friend Steve  

Steve Rosenbaum and I met at an event some years ago.  And over the years we’ve done some stuff together. If you’re on his subscriber list, you may have seen that he sent out an email with a picture of his weight gain since the pandemic. I made sure to write him on Skype to tell him how brave that was. That said was doing it in the context…I think of a project he’s doing with Facebook Groups which he’s into these days.   As you know, I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, but if I had to get into it, I’d trust Steve on this kind of thing.  I’m thinking of getting this so that I can get over myself and learn to like the platform more.  Get his new guide on Facebook Groups here: 

Remember also we did videos to compliment the Facebook Live package that was recently released which is a key component of engaging your group:

350 To 196 

In 2016, when I came back from the Clickfunnels conference, I was pushing 350 pounds.  And since then, I’ve done just about everything over the years…Atkins, vegan, vegetarian, exercise…you name it. This morning I was tipping the scales at 196. People ask me what I did, I can’t tell them.  I have no idea really. A bunch of stuff. For one period, quite by accident, I think was doing some intermittent fasting.  Which I didn’t even know was a thing until Laurel explained it to me. 

Tiffany Lambert has some limited time PLR on the subject if you are doing business in that market. It’s now on the page where I track all of her limited time content.  Go here to get it: