Today is the first of two software demos and reviews that I will be doing this week.  This is called VSL maker and you are going to need to think about this from the perspective of: 
1) Repurposing Your PLR Sales Letters
2) Creating a PLR Sales Letter Database
3) Using that Database to Create Sales Videos 

The vendor will tell you about what they feel is the benefit of the application.  But as a PLR user, I think there is specific benefit to using it the way that I am suggesting to you in my demo. 

*Note…Andrew has long deep funnels and markets assertively after the purchase.  So, know that going in and you will be fine with the process. The most important thing is what it does for the PLR process. Go here to see it then get the application:

Last Night’s Q and A Replay – Why You Should Recycle all of your PLR Sales Letters  

I have been seeing that there is AI software that will write all of your copy.  I’ve not looked at it yet, so I can’t speak on it specifically. But there is a specific use case for a PLR user for a application that will help you to re-use what you have purchased. I trained on why you’d do that last night. There is work involved in this though. Go here to see what I was talking about in the training:

Monday’s Ultimate Insider Meeting 

Tomorrow is our Insider Meeting.  We will be discussing going forward ways for you to leverage your CoachZippy account. As you now, we added our StreamYard PLR direct to CoachZippy so that all you have to do is to get the code and the videos are automatically hosted in your account. (If you have not yet signed up as an Ultimate Insider, you can get the share codes in the Advanced version of the StreamYard PLR). It is possible for me to go back in time for Ultimate Insiders to do the share codes for my 2020 Products.  That will make it easier for you to customize and create your learning center in CoachZippy. 

As you know, CoachZippy is currently (as long as I have licenses available) an Insider perk for active members.  You just have to contact me in Support to have me set you up. If you’re not yet signed up as an Ultimate Insider, and you have  the paid version CoachZippy you can get the share codes by making sure to get the Advanced version of the content.  Go here to get it: 

Or you can sign up as an Ultimate Insider and get the StreamYard PLR, our upcoming title on Gumroad and have both titles available for CoachZippy by share code: