Last Night, in our Insider Meeting for April, we discussed whether we would move ahead with: 
1) Making all of our 2020 Content Available by CoachZippy Share Code and 
2) Making all of the PLR Experts Content Available by CoachZippy Share Code 

I will be taking the results of the poll to make a final decision. I have already decided that I will be moving forward to make sure all of our Future Video courses starting with our recently released StreamYard PLR and the next one on Gumroad will include a CoachZippy Share Code. You probably already have a Copy of CoachZippy and that will mean that the course will be instantly hosted and ready to sell when you do the import. Licenses permitting, all Ultimate Insider currently get as a bonus their own license to the Startup Version of the platform.  To make sure you’re signed up, go here. Once there, make sure to write me in Support and have me sign you up on the platform: 

To See How the Share Code Works, Go here:

Contest App With an Agency License 

On the 30th, Chad and Chris will be doing an opening day webinar on a contest App. This is the kind of application that you can use to get people to leverage their network to bring your traffic. The application will have an agency license. That means that you will be able to pay to get additional licenses from a panel to sell to others.  This is different from a reseller license which forces you to use the Sales Process of the vendor. (Thus, you give up all of your leads whether or not you make the sale). I currently use UpViral for this process and pay $35 monthly.  If this follows the pattern they’ve set with EverLesson, they’ll do one time pricing now and later do a monthly fee. So, go here to sign up for the webinar on the 30th.  They’ve not specified, but there may be special pricing on the FE.  Although I don’t think that there will be special pricing on the Agency, you’ll be able to see it that day to determine if it’s the kind of software you want to add to your learning center. I will do a demo on this closer to the date of the launch as well as to decide on what you can best use to leverage this.  Go here to sign up for their webinar:

Crazy, Scary, Cool 

Last night, several people warned me that Google warned them them that I was getting the dreaded red screen for The PLR Show. As it turned out somebody used brute force to get into my site. Thankfully, Google Search Console created a warning and I was able to correct the issue.  If you got this page, please accept my sincerest apologies. Crazy and Scary but cool in the end.