We just released our Canva Video Kits that you can use to create your own Videos for: 
1) YouTube
2) Live Workshops
3) Website Content 

You’re getting the slides created in context directly from over-the-shoulder instructional tutorial videos.  And you’re also getting the hand edited transcriptions to go with it. You’re getting this package for 40 different subjects which you can teach. Canva is a good subject for you to use to teach your people how to navigate simple and good looking graphics. Go here to teach Canva in your own voice: 

If you are an Ultimate Insider, please check the Winter Discounts Folder for your Insider discount code, as this package for you is 30% less. In fact, everything in the funnel is 30% off with your Insider discount code. If you’re not yet an Ultimate Insider, go here to sign up: 

Content From Tiffany Lambert 

I haven’t been keeping up very well with new content from Tiffany.  When she has a business related title, I try to make sure that you hear about it because she limits them to 50 people. She has a new limited title for which at least 25 have already been sold (it could be more). Depending on who your audience is, this could be a good lead in for your Learning Center. Go here: 

DFY Video Learning Center in Thinkific? 

I have been chatting back and forth with Insider ML and in explaining something to her, something occurred to me. I could actually put together a DFY Video Learning Center for you in Thinkific! You would be there with 4 other instructors under a branded business domain and you’d be able to deliver all of the course content that we have. I’m not sure yet what the price point would be…$47, $67 or $97 monthly is what I have in mind as a beta price.  There will be a discount to you if you are an Ultimate Insider. 

There would be some limitations to the process.  The branding and domain name would be generic.  BUT you’d be able to upload your own courses to the platform to add to a PLR Member course bundle you have from me.  You’d need to keep your own payment processor.  If someone didn’t pay you the membership fee, you’d go inside of your own Thinkific or Teachable dashboard to boot them. 

Basically, what I’d be doing in Thinkific is maintaining your membership area for our PLR Video courses. I would keep a specific product bundle: 
1) With all of the courses starting with those produced in 2020
2) All courses going forward automatically added to your Learning Center 

If there is interest in doing this, I will: 
1) Detail exactly what this will look like and
2) Put together an interest meeting before I release it 

Write back and let me know if you’d be interested. You can write back here: