If you’ve talked to me since I am no longer involved in the PLR Experts partnership, you may have heard me say that I will not be discounting the PLR that you see being released.  (The exception to this will be for Ultimate Insiders for whom I am creating a super cool discount program.) 

And although I know it would make a great funnel offer and make me more money, Laurel and I won’t be offering our titles in a bundle at a reduced rate.   We have a lot of reasons for this, which would take me way too long to explain here. 

So, the discounted price really is the launch pricing.  And for Etsy, this will end tomorrow night at midnight CST. To quote a maxim…tonight I am giving you fair warning. Go here to get them: 

Why Mention This? 

What got me thinking about this was that a friend of mine and fellow vendor/affiliate asked me if I would be offering any bundles of the new titles I’ve produced post-PLR Experts.  I’m thinking it would make it easier for him to promote the titles to his community. 

Tempting…but I didn’t bite. I don’t want you to look up a month later and think…”I should have waited before I got the package, I would have paid less.” (On the other hand…I DO want you to feel like, if you’d been an Ultimate Insider it would have been soooo much cooler…but I digress). 

So, no…I have no plans to bundle or discount the stuff and sell it at a lower price.   The lowest price the Etsy videos will be will the price you see here (and it goes up tomorrow night). 

Personal Note 

I had a question from my wife’s cousin about whether he was getting some good pricing on an Adobe product. Interestingly, they’d done some un-bundling and offered one of their Creative Cloud pieces for less. But if you ask me a question about these things…it isn’t personal, but I am going to ask you a series of questions.  (Again, I think it’s the “last born” in me.) I don’t have it in me to give you a yes or no answer. Sometimes people never answer my initial questions and hence never really get an answer from me.  Thankfully, this gent was willing to endure me “interrogating” him so I could give him an answer. 

To that end, I’ve tried to put my one complete thought together about the business model for Video PLR in E-Learning Playbook.  The reason is that I may not have time to question you and you may never let me. Get E-Learning Playbook PLR here: