This week, I have doing a number of onboarding calls with new Ultimate Insiders.  And to a person, they want to either do their own and/or teach their students to podcast. What I have been suggesting, for starters, is to get out there. We’ve put together two ways for you to teach this. One is our Audacity Audio Video Kits (slides and video transcripts); you can use this to do your own workshop on Audio Editing with the Free program Audacity.  Get our content here: 

You can also show them how to re-use video content.  One of the videos in my most recent course demonstrates on screen in an over-the-shoulder instructional video tutorial the process of: 
1) Stripping the audio from a PLR video
2) Processing that file as a series of audios 

That’s one of the processes available in our most recent PLR Video course: “Preparing Your Videos for Resale.” If you are an Ultimate Insider, that course is already available for you In the Member Download area in your January 2021 Folder.  It’s there along with the companion course, the 30 Day Video Reseller Challenge. Go here to get Preparing Your Videos for Resale (PVFR) PLR: 

Anchor.FM Podcasting PLR 

Another platform you can teach is Anchor.FM podcasting. The platform is free to use and is the best way for someone that may be tech challenged and overwhelmed to test a new concept. This is an over-the-shoulder instructional video tutorial course that you can use as part of a podcasting course or on its own. If you’re teaching a “monetize your passion” strategy this is easy for a non-internet marketer to use to get started and get a big win. This is also available for Ultimate Insiders: 
1) For learning in the Teachable Learning Center
2) For use as PLR in the Member Downloads Area
3) For the original launch price if you don’t own it 

If you’re not yet an Ultimate Insider, you can still get our Anchor.FM podcasting video course here: