Laurel and I will have a temporary outage today for about 1 hour as we move our VPS hosting to a new server.   Currently, that outage is scheduled between 2 and 5 PM EST, although we can’t be entirely sure.  When the outage starts, it will take one full hour to complete if everything goes right. Here is a direct link to our Zendesk Support:

E-Learning Playbook: The Sequel 

I was recently asked by Jack, an Ultimate Insider, about an upsell for E-Learning Playbook.  And I said at the time that there was no way to break the content up…even at 2+ hours.   Everything in it was one complete thought. 

I was recently thinking about this and there is another piece to this that I think will be either a separate product and/or the upsell for E-Learning Playbook. This will be about how to get people to want your learning center.  It is an important aspect that you need to teach and your customers need to see. Right now though, the pricing is such that there is no upsell.  As soon as I add this session (#7), it will be time to raise the pricing and add in the upsell page. Get the E-Learning Playbook here: 

The Brief Re-Opening of Ultimate Insider 

I will be re-opening Ultimate Insider for a brief period of time for new members.  Now that the 4th of July sale is over, I need to finish the next title. That title, which I may or may not launch to the general public, will definitely be part of the Ultimate Insider group product set for this month. There will be a waitlist that will get first notification and will get something that right now is only available to founding members.  To make sure you’re on the waitlist, go here:

Podcasting PLR 

Tomorrow a colleague, Sajan, will be releasing a PLR Guide on Podcasting.  I will be adding at least one personally created resource for it (maybe 2). I was actually going to do Anchor this month, but our superstar designer guy is not quite ready with it.  He really does focus on getting our vibe right, so we don’t rush him. 

That said, there were two additional sessions that I had planned for the Anchor PLR: 
1) Non-Traditional ways to monetize a podcast
2) Non-Traditional ways to promote a podcast 

If I have time, I’ll record it for you and give it to you.  But alternately, I’ll just write out the presentation so you can do it yourself.   Either way, you’ll have something you want be able to get elsewhere, the opportunity to sell in a workshop that talks about podcasting. This means that: 
1) You’ll be able to use Sajan’s guide as a free ‘breadcrumb’ or front end course. 
2) You’ll able to to upsell your learning center with his video version insider. 
3) For those that turn you down, you’ll be able to use the downsell of his advanced or video version. 

I’ll have it ready for you tomorrow morning here:

Personal Note 

By now, you’ve probably seen the Missouri Star Quilt Company story.  If you haven’t, you really need to watch it. It’s a testament to hard work and persistence. It’s also a testament to the real power in what you and I do every single day. If you want to see how IM can turn real cities and towns around, go to YouTube and type in Missouri Star Quilt Company. Watch at least two or three different videos or as many as you have time to watch. Even if you know the story…re-watch it with fresh marketer eyes in videos you’ve not seen on their story. You’ll then know how rare you are and how powerful you are.  And I don’t mean that in a Tony Robbins sort of way.  I mean it in a matter-of-fact kind of way. Once you’ve watched a few videos, please hit reply, and write back and tell me what you think.