In today’s Wall Street Journal, there was a quarter page spread done by a county located about 60 miles away from Manhattan, NYC.  The headline for the spread was Escape From New York. 

What they were doing was telling companies currently located in New York City that they’d have a place to relocate their business, if they didn’t like it in New York.  As I understand it, businesses–and people, too–are now leaving in droves. 

The people of this county doing this are smart cookies–even if this doesn’t work. They’ve spent decades building the infrastructure for new companies and residents and the time has come where it is advantageous for them to put a spin on it that will get people’s attention. 

That’s the power of having great infrastructure, like a video Learning Center built.  Situations will arise that make your ‘county’ attractive and make it easy to get people to see your offer. And every time this happens, you create a new spin on it.   We have, for the last five weeks, been building your Learning Center. 

You can be part of the last session (we’ve done five) where we finish the process tonight at 7 PM EST.  Of course, if you miss it…all of the replays are on the Download page for you to watch. Go here to see the bonuses you get with it: 

Go here to go straight to the page: 

Learning Center? 

If you already have Video PLR, you’re probably wondering what to do with all of it.  How do you leverage it? And how do you compete against all of the new “course creators” coming in to the market? 

You build in continuity, that’s how. And I explain that in E-Learning Playbook.  And on top of it, I gave you PLR rights to use it to teach your people. Go here to get it:  

Video Hosting for Video Learning Centers 

I am in the midst of getting feedback from Ultimate Insiders about whether to get an agency license of Kapitwa video hosting to add to our Learning Center. What I am finding is that many of the current Insiders already have a license; they purchased it the first time that I recommended it. 

There was special one time pricing at the time, but after the launch ended, the pricing went up to $297. In some cases, they’ve allowed me to continue to offer it at a discount because as people with lots of PLR video content from us, you can clearly use it. Recently, they restarted a discount code for Zoo.  And that code works with our link.  That means that you’ll get access to our Webinar Vault, when you get it. Go here to this page and then make sure to use these codes: 
“jvzsplstart” for 67% off the Starter Version
“jvzsplpro” for 67% off the Pro Version 

PS… If you see an Agency License offer in the funnel when you get Kaptiwa, please write back and let me know.