Today, I am starting the process of completing Streamyard Video PLR.  It will be released this week to Ultimate Insiders and early next week to the PLR Show Community. This week, we have released the updated version of Product Snowball Formula. It too is available to you as an Ultimate insider. Go here to sign up:

Tonight’s Training Re-Shoot 

Tonight I will re-shoot the Product Snowball Formula Pre-Sell and make an offer to the local Meetup I have.  Unfortunately, on Saturday, Zoom crashed and I had to resort to shooting the webinar on Zoom mobile. You can attend live here at 8:30 PM EST:

Joan Altres’ Annual Re-Shoot of Action Taker 

Joan Altres periodically re-releases her Action Taker software.  It’s a little different take on PLR software and fits some unique use cases. What I like about that is that if you have cases where you have to shoe horn something in to make it fit what you’re doing–even though it’s not quite what you want–you could benefit from what Joan is doing. Go here to see it:


Arun Chandran says that when Kevin Fahey says his name, his accent actually makes it so that he says, “Fatty”. Of course, you and I are above that kind of teasing.  🙂 (Actually, I’m not above it and when I heard Kevin say his name I thought it was pretty funny.) That said, if you’re looking to build up your business inside of the Zoo/W+ Word, Kevin “Fatty” has put together all of his training in one offer. 

Kevin’s product is not for everyone.  If you’re not looking to get new customers in the MMO or Zoo/W+ world, then this may not be for you. But let me put a bug in your ear. Let’s say that you have success working with real estate agents because that is your niche.  Or lawyers, or writers, or seniors, or RV enthusiasts….whatever. THAT is what you come back to the MMO market to teach.   Where ever you have success in your chosen niche generating income, come back to the MMO world and launch on W+. 

I almost always mention this concept inside of Ultimate Insiders when I am doing an onboarding call because while it’s the long way, it’s really the easiest way for you if you have a market or niche that you’re working in. You should be documenting the process you have toward profit. Then, create training showing the rest of us how you did it. That’s going to make for a pretty awesome project for W+.  If you automate it and turn it into software, it will be awesome for Zoo. When you’re ready for that, that’s where you get Fatty’s stuff. Go here: