Last night during my Tuesday training, I explained how you can use the PLR videos that you have from us for the last six minutes. I pulled out that segment and placed it in a separate video and placed it here. This video lists a few of the things that you’ll be able to do to leverage our StreamYard videos once they’re released (I am thinking now Monday instead of tomorrow for the public release). if you have questions on comments, if you leave them on the video itself, I will respond there:

Do You Have a Course Platform For Your Videos? 

Currently we are testing the use of CoachZippy as a direct import with Ultimate Insiders.  Basically when I completed the Streamyard PLR course and delivered it to Insiders, I included a “Share Code” that would allow them to directly import the course into the platform. Since many Insiders have use of CoachZippy as a Member Benefit (as long as licenses last), they are also testing out the platform for delivering a video membership and video courses. If you’re not yet an Ultimate Insider, you can still sign up here:

Please Read My Written Review for SellersPal Before You Take the Leap 

Because I am testing CoachZippy and Everlesson, I won’t have time to add SellersPal to those that I am going to test. Currently, it does allow for uploads to the Platform as well as integrations with with their video storage MaxDrive if you already have it. I did a full written review of the platform on the day it was released which you can still view in my newsletter from a few days ago.  Remember…when you get a member platform….cloud based or WordPress, you are either committing to a relationship with it or wasting your time. Go here to get the platform:

Michael Cheney? 

I have been in the game for a long time but Michael Cheney has been in longer.  When I first got started in 2007, I was really turned off by him. Since he’s not in the PLR group of my vendor/partners, he hasn’t really been on my radar for over a decade.  Jon mentioned him a few times when we were partnering but otherwise, I’ve been on my side of IM…he’s been on his. Apparently, he is doing a free training tomorrow on traffic and I am intrigued by this admittedly. And full disclosure: 1) He’s going to attempt to upsell you to get the recordings of the free training. 2) The sales page is a little much for my taste… I want to be up front with you that the reason he’s doing this is obviously to build his list.  AND it’s Michael Cheney, so he will be marketing to you assertively before, during and after the training. That said…here is what I will say to you…. The man knows more than I forgot about the subject. And you already have sellable PLR Video content from us, which means that you’ll be ahead of 90% of the people attending.  The question is how can you replicate what he’s doing here to build YOUR list? So, if you learn something from what he’s doing even if you don’t like the training…I’d like to hear about it.  Feel free to write back to tell me what you learn. Go here for the training:

P.S. I will post my comments in a video on our channel based on my own observations not from the training, but what he’s doing to get people TO the training.