My second job out of college was at a commercial bank.  By the time I left, I was a Commercial Loan Officer for minority- and women-owned businesses in Chicago, for the most name recognized bank in the city at that time (First Chicago Bank). I was good at financial statement and credit analysis, as you might imagine. But bad at prospecting. 

So, when a big account was on the line, my boss walked into my cube and basically yelled without raising his voice. “Chowes [Charles], what are you DOING–GO GET THAT BUSINESS!” So, I went over to the guy’s office unannounced and to this day, I can’t fully remember everything I said to him.  But when I came back, I had the loan.  The biggest of my career. I do remember trying to convey that if he went with us, I’d find new reasons to unload benefits on him. 

That is my feeling about you becoming an Ultimate Insider. Sure, you’ll get one PLR title per month. That’s what you should care about…I get it. And you will get that. But every month, Laurel and I look for ways to load something else on to you that, whether tangible or intangible, will get you closer to what you’re trying to accomplish. Go here to get signed up:

Two PLR Titles For You to Consider: Affiliate Marketing and Mind Mapping 

Over the last couple of days, we’ve recommended two PLR projects to you. One was from a good friend, Francis Ochoco. He’s got a course on Affiliate Marketing that we’ve added bonuses to.  Go here to get our resources and his course here: 

There is also Chad Eljisir, who has released a course on Mind Mapping.  We’ve added in some video content that you can use with it here: