The Learning Center Hackathon ended Wednesday where we taught for five weeks the process of building out your Learning Center.  I decided in the last session that we will turn the content into PLR. I recorded at least the last four sessions (out of six) knowing that I might convert. Therefore, I left the personal references out for the most part.  They’ll be easy to edit. I will be watching the first session in real time to edit out my personal reference there, as well.  This will give you the needed upsell to E-Learning Playbook. 

As of right now, I will just add the PLR pages and edited session to the download page.   Once I have the transcripts returned, the PLR will then be a separate offer.   So basically, right now you’d be getting the streaming session and the PLR version when complete.  If you have the Hackathon, you don’t need to do anything.  Everything will be added directly to your Hackathon download page. If you’re an Ultimate Insider, you don’t need to do anything.  You already have access to the Hackathon download page.  That is where the PLR will be. Go here to see the bonuses that we’re offering with the Hackathon: 

Go direct to the Hackathon page here: 

PS…Tomorrow, I will have a sample for you of the upcoming Anchor.FM instructional tutorial Video PLR course.