The session I recorded last night and invited you to will give you ideas on how you can:
1) Do a workshop to sell the YouTube Live Video PLR we recently released 
2) Combine the sales materials with a platform to make the offer. 

What I did is not the only way to do it obviously.  But this is the kind of training that I would prefer to do going forward, i.e., using a real life example to build a brand and market the PLR. I recognize that doing this locally wont give me as big of an audience, but I expect it to be loyal and I won’t be in competition with any of you when I start turning the content into books, etc. I did a brief recap in the group and on YouTube last night as well as to post the replay.  Go see both of them here:

Short of Time, But This Can and Needs to Go Better 

Right now, I have been short of time to really promote the Meetup. I have a more than substantial base of people to work with (400+).  Now that I am done with my Learning Center, I can address myself to this.  One way to do that would be for me to leverage written PLR on a blog that I push locally. 

My friend Kevin has put YouTube written content together that is a good tie-in to the YouTube Live content. So, when you pick it up, I will give you access to: 
-My YouTube Live 1.0 Video course (Resell Rights to 20 Videos)
-My Amazon Video Direct course (Resell Rights to 20 Videos) 

When you get the advanced version, you’ll get the advanced set of videos to both of these. Get both when you go here:

Ultimate Insiders Get the Presentations and Transcripts 

As an Ultimate Insider, I am giving you repurpose rights to these presentations. That means that right now, the presentation that I did last night to sell the YouTube Live PLR is now in your November Folder. And the YouTube Live PLR (basic and advanced) is in your October Folder. To get signed up as an Ultimate Insider, go here: