I openly admit to not being a TV watcher.  And generally, I don’t even ‘cheat’ by watching shows on the internet. The main reason is that–call me a snob–but nothing has been worth my time since “24” (with Jack Bauer) went off the air years ago. 

My wife, who puts up with my holier-than-thou attitude when it comes to television, suggested during the pandemic that I look at something called “Person of Interest” (with John Reese). 
Laurel: “You’d like it” 
Me: “Meh” 

But after I thought about it I said to myself….”I have an hour that I spend on the treadmill every day.–what the heck?” So, I go to look for it. The bad part was that this was only available in bits and pieces on YouTube and on Netflix.   Lo and behold, I have a Netflix subscription that I forgot to cancel (I’m embarrassed to say how long I’ve been paying for it). And now they’ve got me until I finish this. This is a testament to the Netflix business model.  One price…lots of stuff available. 

And that’s exactly what you’re teaching people in E-Learning Playbook.  How to take your video PLR and put together your own Netflix in the niche you’re in. Get it here before the pricing goes up tonight.