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Creators Deserve to Get Paid 

This week I have been looking for the documentary “Eyes on the Prize” so that I could watch it with my daughters; since it’s over 20 years old, I felt my daughters should have my take on it. So, while looking, I realized I was hunting around trying to find this thing on YouTube then other places free. Then I had to catch myself–the creator deserves to get paid. So, I figured out a way to get it so that the creator would get paid, even if indirectly.  

This week, I’ll be doing Etsy.  A platform that’s all about the creator. You and I have to teach creators how to get paid in the new economy. And, yes, this economy is going to be new whether we like it or not. But you and I have the answers.  And we’ll be teaching once the videos have been released. 

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