It’s time to build out the video Learning Center that we talked about in E-Learning Playbook.  We will open the Live Hackathon tomorrow. There will be four sessions: 
1) Integrations
2) Hosting
3) Platform
4) Membership 

It won’t be platform specific, but you will know exactly what to look for and work around.  The four sessions will be 90% over the shoulder (the opposite of E-Learning Playbook). One special aspect of the Hackathon is that you’ll have keyword search available for the video sessions.  To see how this will work, go here:

Ultimate Insiders – Hackathon Will Be Included For You 

The Hackathon will be part of the Ultimate Insider Membership.  And as I sent to you in my message today, I will remind you repeatedly to access the link I give you instead of purchasing. The idea for the Hackathon is for those that understand E-Learning Playbook to get their Center built and connected to their funnels. So, make sure to check your Insider email for access when I send it out this evening (EST). Ultimate Insider is now closed to the public, but to become part of our community, make sure you’re on our waitlist here: