Tuesday I turn 55, which Spike Lee called the “double nickel”  And for Ultimate Insiders, everything in our catalog that you do not have, you’ll be able to get for $5.50.  Upsells will be $11.00. All of the codes will be inside of the Discounts Folder in the Ultimate Insider Member Download Area.   The only thing that WON’T be at that price will be our Clubhouse PLR videos.  Get those here: 

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Also Tuesday: FB Groups Live Workshop Starts 

I hope to have time to attend this myself.  What I am wanting to see is if there are any strategies that you can use to sell your PLR offers.  I also want to be able to discern any audience building tools. Note: as you can see, I really don’t promote every popcorn stitch that is released, just because somebody I know (and like) releases it.   Since the number of partners that reliably promote is down to a few, I don’t have lots of obligations and I can really start looking for the kind of tools and training to help you: 
1) Build Your Learning Center
2) Build Your List
3) Build Your Audience 

The groups workshop falls under #3. Go here to get it: 

Written Content To Promote Your Brand and Learning Center 

Tiffany Lambert has been consistent about releasing content that can help you attract people to your marketing funnel.  The way I see using her content is if you’re a blogger and you want to get people reading. Although frankly, if I had time I’d just have the video narrated and then put it on YouTube. It’s good enough that your audience will find it informative.  Go here to get the content: