Today, you are getting emails and bonus offers for Google Earning Secrets PLR by Firelaunchers.  So, I will give you some insight on what’s in it and whether you should consider it. The content is primarily directed toward your MMO customers.  So, if you have them (opportunity seekers) in your audience the perspective is one that they will appreciate. It talks about different ways that your customer can earn from Google, including:
1) AdSense
2) YouTube (basic introduction)
3) Promote Using AdWords
4) Local Search Rewards 

It comes with all of the marketing content and pages you’d need to sell this as “Google Earning Secrets.”  The PSD Files are part of the front end and can be re-branded to change the title to what you want it to be. If you have a non-MMO business audience, you will have to unbundle the content and use only those sections that are relevant to what you’re teaching. The upsell is a video course version of the same content which mirrors the PDF training guide.  The videos are PowerPoint style an narrated with a young male American sounding voice. If you want to use the videos to teach the PDF content, you will need to do some un-branding.  The Google Earning Secrets logo is part of the video.  You will either have to blur the logo in Camtasia or if you’re comfortable with the product title and branding as-is, go with it. 

Video Nine talks about Google Plus and Google Hangouts.  You should NOT use this video.  It appears in the video course, but does not appear in the PDF Training Guide. If I have time today, I will do a video review to show you these things; but that may not be possible as I need to complete my quota of videos for today as well as to get ready to release StreamYard PLR to you.  But I will definitely try to find time review the content for you on video. I have three related video courses with full PLR Rights that I can add to the content for you to use: 
1) YouTube Channel Boost
2) YouTube SEO
3) Google Image Search Secrets 

All 3 of these were recorded by Stephen Luc before he retired and are a mix of PowerPoint and on-screen.  I haven’t viewed these courses personally, but I know Stephen to be a good theory teacher.  To get these courses I will put them in the checkout area of the PLR when you get it.  Go here to get the package here:

How To Use the Content to Get the Most Leverage 

Vikram actually gave me a review copy of the content, but even if he didn’t and I outright bought it I wouldn’t dream of just selling it. That is the lowest possible use for this kind of content. I can envision at least four workshops where I can Pre-Sell just about anything. One thing that I can see right off the top of my head is pre-selling our YouTube Live course: 

As of right now, I am not necessarily looking to reach the typical short term opportunity seeker audience.  That said…if that audience were to implement the things that I have been teaching recently, they’d benefit magnificently. But the way to benefit most from what Laurel and I do goes deeper than just getting a PLR product. We invite you to commit to us monthly…so we can commit to you. Go here:

See the Most Recent Insider Training 

Recently, I did a training session with our Ultimate Insiders and made it Public.  I will be doing a Part 2 to this as well as laying it all out during 2021. This will become my signature program. To watch the beginning go here:

P.S. I’m guessing that I won’t make as many sales as in the past with offers like this, but if you find a affiliate PLR vendor review like the one above more helpful than those I have done in the past, hit “reply,” write back and let me know.