The next set of PLR videos will be the last of our 3 update funnels. As you know, we’ve recently released two update funnels and subsequently closed them down: 
1) Create a Video Membership Academy
2) Preparing Your Videos for Resale*** 

There will be two parts to the content: 

1) Four live lecture videos with PLR 
You can use these videos as a lead magnet or to create your own live workshops or webinars to sell the PLR. 

2) Over the Shoulder Instructional Tutorial Video Course 
You can use this content as a course or as instructional content.  You will also get the cheat sheet slides, screenshots and transcripts.  Of course, you’ll get the sales pages and sales graphics for the course. 

The course has already been delivered to Ultimate Insiders along with a few healthy additions.  To get it as an Insider, go here and then access your January 2021 folder:  

Tiffany Lambert’s Most Recent Written PLR Content 

I have been keeping all of the limited content releases that Tiffany does now on one page.  But be mindful that by the time you see them, she may have closed them down. Today she is releasing one and I have now added it to the top of the page.  Go here to get it: 

We Also Have Written Content (Create Your Own Videos) 

We have also created content you can use to Create Your Own Videos.   We’ve taken our over the shoulder courses and converted them into slides and hand edited transcripts. That means then that you can re-create the videos in your own voice. To get the content, go here: 

Did You Get The 30 Day Video Reseller Challenge (It Will Also Permanently Close Soon)? 

Preparing Your Videos For Resale will be getting rolled into a higher priced combo along with 30 Day Video Reseller Challenge PLR Video course and the E-Learning Playbook PLR Video Course. This offer will soon permanently close. If you’ve not picked up the companion to “Preparing Your Videos for Resale” you can still do it here: