The next three titles coming up for you will be TikTok, Streamyard and Gumroad.  We have already delivered TikTok to the Ultimate Insiders and will release it to the broader PLR Show Community on Monday. When we release TikTok, we will increase the pricing of our Clubhouse videos.  Go here to get them: 

Or get all of the content as it is completed when you’re signed up as an Ultimate Insider. Go here to sign up:

A Note About the PLR Offers Still Available 

I have been a little lazy in telling you about the offers that my colleagues have that I think would be helpful to you. One is from Chad, who has a “stack.” I have added to your checkout page personal use to two Plugins: 
1) Easy Download Page Pro
2) Quick Download Page Protector Pro 

Within Chad’s stack there is quite a bit of my voice in there. My ex-partner Jonathan has PLR Expert content in there, which you should know by now that I did the videos and teaching in that content. Also, I have placed The PLR Playbook in there, which many of you already have…but if you don’t, that content is quite evergreen and is solid in terms of what someone should be thinking about when they use PLR. To get Chad’s offer and our Plugins, go here:

Invitation to Our Weekly Training 

We will also be inviting you to some of our weekly training.  But it is a different kind of training. What we’ll be doing is using the training to pre-sell our PLR content which in some cases we’ll re-brand and in other cases we won’t. BUT, you should not attend as a “student” to learn from what I’ll be teaching.  Just about everything that I’ll be sharing will be things I’ve taught people in our free PLR Academy, currently available on our PLR Show Home Page. You should attend as someone looking to do their own weekly workshop (just as I taught in E-Training Playbook).  To get sense for what the training will be about go here: