The next PLR video title that we are releasing will be Streamyard.  We hope to have everything ready for you shortly, as the basic course has been recorded. One thing that we will be beta testing with Ultimate Insiders is a direct import of the Streamyard course into CoachZippy.  This means that we’ll be creating both courses in the platform and Insiders will be able to use a share code direct into the platform. This will make it way easier to use our videos to build a video Learning Center as we explained in our most recent training. 

We’re much more comfortable with the platform than we were a year ago.  I recently found a detailed set of tutorials on how to use it and have seen the improvements they’ve made. Also, they’ve moved the highest level of the plan to monthly. In my opinion, it means that they recognize that it takes ongoing revenue in order to keep investing into the platform. This gives me indications that they will commit to the platform and continue to make improvements. 

Again, it’s not a perfect platform…but none is.  Not even the place where we have our PLR Academy and Video Learning Center in Teachable. If it works with Ultimate Insiders, we will start rolling this out to the PLR Show Community in the next few months.  There is another platform that could potentially be part of the process in the very near future also. We will still be including HTML pages in our content but we know that the move is toward full platforms. If you’d like to make sure that you are part of the beta test, you will need to make sure that you: 
1) Are an Ultimate Insider
2) Write us in Support to claim your bonus license of CoachZippy
3) Watch the tutorials in the Member Area  

The bonus licenses will only be available to new and existing members until we run out of them.  That said, we are talking to Sameer and Madhav about getting discounted/one time fee licenses for you in the near future…but there is no timetable on that and no promises made by Sameer. We’re scheduled to talk after their most recent launch. Go here to sign up as an Ultimate Insider: 

Go here to get additional videos from our colleague Francis as well as 3 related courses with 8 videos and full PLR rights (24 additional): 

Go here to get our most recent release the video kits that you can use to create your own videos on the subject of Canva:

New Written Content From Tiffany Lambert 

Tiffany alerted to me that she has released a new title to her series on marketing and copy.  And I have added it to the page with the rest of her written content offers. Go here to get access:

P.S. If you’ve not seen the most recent training on Positioning Yourself as the Educator, make sure to do so here.  It is going to be the North Star for the rest of 2021.