In case you missed it, we’re recommending the video PLR set with a some pretty cool extras.  What we did was think about the package that you’re going to use, then how many combinations you could put together to make it unique. So, you’ll see some of our personally created content, as well as some directly related videos.  Get them here inside of the WordPress tutorials:  

People Used to Think This Was Weird…Not Anymore 

I confess, the whole idea of living off the land to a dude that grew up on the South Side of Chicago used to be plain weird. I couldn’t figure out what or how anybody could do something so crazy. 

But then I started homeschooling. And then I started working from home. And then, as I think about it…only 5 years of my working life have I had a traditional desk, cube or “Office Space” kind of job. So what used to be weird to me isn’t anymore.  And there are a WHOLE lotta people into this stuff.   Funny thing is that if I sit down at Laurel’s PC and watch the videos that the algorithm serves up, it’s this stuff.  So, you’ll have no shortage of people to share with and plenty of affiliate programs to work with:  

Insiders Live 

Tonight in the FB group, and on our live channel, one of our Insiders’ presentation to the rest of the members will be playing.  It’s something that you’ll see more of in the future. Reason?
1.) Because we have lots of people with valuable experience to share outside of “The Matrix” of IM. 
2) Because the people in Ultimate Insiders aren’t “launchers” on W+ or Zoo. 

But I am encouraging them to share their most valuable information in product form. Just part of an “Ultimate Insider Success Path” that you’ll hear me talking about for the rest of the year and beyond. You can listen in on the first of the Insider Expert calls here.   You’ve probably noticed, lately I’ve been streaming videos every night to enrich you at 8 PM EST in the group and on our channel here:  

Insider Construction (Insider Update) 

Every night starting at 8 PM EST, I stop recording videos (I am now finishing Microsoft Teams) and start working on converting the site to the new format. That means that you may, as an Insider, come to the site and find that it’s performing weird, or something may not be find-able. 

Reach out to us by Support email and we’ll get you taken care of. In the case of bonuses, such as for the homesteading PLR, you’ll be able to see them here and when you click through to the page you’ll have access: