This year for my annual 4th of July sale, I am grouping up our bonuses and giving you the opportunity to get them if you missed them this year. Every year the sale price for a limited time is $7.40. There isn’t a set time limit.  At the point at which I don’t want to run it anymore or it’s time for Sales Funnel Playbook PLR, I’ll end it.  I won’t be forewarning you of a price increase or anything like that; when the sale is over, the link will re-direct to Ultimate Insider.  So, if you see that page, you’ll know the sale is over.  Those are the rules for this. There is a list of what’s available here. Go get it:

Last Day for the PLR on PLR 

Today is the last day for launch pricing on Arun’s PLR content.  You can get access to it and the resources that I am offering with it here:

Personal Note 

As I understand it, “the bag” is slang for money or a sum of it. But if you’re as “hip” as I am (I mean that sarcastically…I am as ‘un-hip’ as they come) you may not even have known what that meant in the subject line. Or, maybe you did.  Who knows. The bag here in this case has some of my personally created bonuses from the last 6 months.  And it’s a nice bag on its own to have.   Get it here: