I decided to add in some content that I will be able to use in the demonstrations.  That way, during the Hackathon you and I will be able to work from the same page. That means that you now have full PLR rights to 3 related video courses. You will see me use these throughout the Sessions.  Get the content here along with the live training: 

The Sequel to E-Learning Playbook There is a sequel to E-Learning Playbook. And we’ll look at it live over 4 sessions. It’s called the Learning Center Hackathon. The four sessions will be over-the-shoulder and will cover: 
1) Integrations
2) Hosting and Storage
3) Platform
4) Membership and Cart 

We’ll do this so that you can: 
1) Use your existing tools
2) Get your questions answered
3) Hold yourself accountable to finish and complete your Learning Center 

Go here to get moving: