Yesterday, I finally got a chance to add something to Sajan’s PLR that was recently released.  It will be especially helpful to you if you already have our e-Learning Playbook PLR.   And unfortunately, I’m late with this because the launch price expires tonight at midnight.   I don’t even have time to put up a clever landing page to tell you about what we’ve put together for it.

Basically, you’ll be able to use the presentation I recently did and bundled up for you to teach your audience that wants to coach how to:
1) Increase the profits of their coaching program and
2) Be profitable before they can charge high fees. 

I made the connection between building a Learning Center and profitable coaching. And I bundled up the video, the PPT and the machine transcript and added it to the checkout area….get it here: 

PLR Videos Coming Up: Anchor.FM Podcasts 

Our next set of PLR videos will be on the subject of Anchor Podcasts.  It’s a good one. As you know, doing Anchor automatically put you on the same platform as those on Spotify.  That means that you and your customers can get into the car with an audience. (This alone convinced me pretty much that going back to Blog Talk Radio and paying isn’t going to be a long term move for me.) Right now, the course is complete and available in the Member Area for Ultimate Insiders and will be ready for the public on the 18th. Go here to become an Ultimate Insider:

Why Learning Centers Work: Storage, Search and Retrieval 

The reason Learning Centers work is that they are foundational to the internet.  Every large platform that grew from a small platform that is used by millions is based on the principle. If you can create something for use, the monthly ask won’t matter. 

What is used: 

Storage: You have in one place, relevant content to your subniche 

Search:  I can find exactly what I want 

Retrieval:  It’s easy for me to get what I want 

It is the guiding fundamental principle for every large platform and it’s why your Learning Center can work if you take the principle seriously. Understand the theory of Learning Centers here and use the PLR to teach your customers:

E-Learning Playbook PLR Has an Upsell Now 

When I first did E-Learning Playbook, it was one complete thought.  But I found that people never got around to getting started with the building process. So, I undertook a live course for people to walk through the building process over five weeks. I’ve now decided to convert the live course to PLR and make it the Upsell for E-Learning Playbook. You can still get access to the landing page with the converted PLR.  Once I complete the conversion, it will be a separate offer from the actual live Hackathon. Get it now here: