Today is Black Friday!

That means that we have for the second half of the year content that we created for bonuses, and it will be available to you, along with beta access to our Learning Center. 

After this week, the Learning Center will go into our permanent funnel with a target price this year of $97 and next year of $197.  Of course we will be testing the price levels. This is the same basic video Learning Center that we are marketing in our local area under our personal brand.   

One thing to note…we are going to give you access to the PLR version of our technical workshop on building a Learning Center.  You can use the PLR as an upsell to E-Learning Playbook (it’s edited for PLR) or as a standalone course. But that is only for this Black Friday offer. Go here to get the deal:

How to Build Your First Website 

Steve Chase recently contacted me about a release he’s done of written content on how to build out your first website. In the past, he’s been the one that on an annual basis does a WordPress set of content. So, he knows what he’s talking about. That said, I don’t think he did a set of videos this year, so I’m adding our WordPress 5 videos to his package.   Go here to get them:

Our Ongoing Recommendation of Facebook PLR 

This week, we have been telling you about a more recent rendition of Facebook PLR.  It is all about free organic traffic. And given that I’ve been hearing marketers talk about it, you need to know how to do this AND paid ads. 

Ads alone won’t do it….a number of high profile peeps got caught in an algorithm glitch and lost the ability to produce ads. Which is why if you expect to reach people on Facebook, you need to do both.  Go here to get our videos:

The Way to Get a Better Version of the Learning Center 

We think the Learning Center you’re getting access to is pretty good.  But we can give you access to an even better one. It’s now reserved for Ultimate Insiders. Their Learning Center has all of our 2020 courses in it. In addition, they have a Meta-discount. That means that they can request it in support and go all they way down to the launch price.   You can do that too, when you’re an active Ultimate Insider: