The recommendation & bonus I prepared last month for the Google My Business PLR came with a presentation that I did based on the front end  guide.  It took way longer than I anticipated because it took time for me to refresh and study the subject. In retrospect, it wasn’t a very smart way to do the presentation and took too long since I had to refresh my knowledge.  (I was able include two major points in my presentation that wasn’t in the PLR.) 

When I start Workshop Revolution, we will avoid this situation and I’ll tell you how to go about this the right way using your existing PLR to create workshops to sell your PLR offers and your Learning Center. Go here to make sure you’re signed up (If you’re an Ultimate Insider, you already have this…look inside of your September Folder):

This Weekend’s Q and A 

As you know, I am doing workshops in my local niche to attract information product buyers.  So, this weekend I talked about Video Marketing. I basically took an unreleased presentation that I had and adapted it to non-MMO business owners. I generated the machine transcription and bundled it with the video and PowerPoint to give to you when you get Kevin’s most recent PLR release.   

Actually, there are two versions of the presentation that I’ve made available.  I gave you the video, the transcript and PowerPoint for the MMO (Zoo/W+ niche) version too.  Go here to get them both along with the PLR: 

Or you can go direct to the page here:

Still Fairly Relevant Description of Ultimate Insider 

A while back I did a session for an interest list in Ultimate Insider. It’s a month removed, but it’s a fairly accurate representation of what we’re doing inside. I did get a question earlier about what we are and what we’re doing.  Go here to see the session and get signed up: