This year, I have been talking about you building your own video Learning Center.  Probably to the point that bordered on too much.   But it’s not just a marketing ploy to me. It’s a core belief. 

So, I now have one of my own that I am going to give you access to along with my Black Friday offer.  That is all of the bonus content that I used in affiliate promotions in 2020. Get my PLR Bundle here along with access to the same Learning Center that I’ll be marketing to my local meetup:

What’s In the Black Friday Offer? 

Just like my 4th of July offer, there is content in there that you get unlimited rights to.  That’s why there is no rights certificate.  I don’t need one.  You do what you want with the content. Just don’t use my name and we’re good.  And anyway, there is no reason to do so…make it your own and let it brand you. 

You’re also getting discount codes to all of our 2020 PLR.  And currently, there really is no other way to get our PLR discounted unless you are an Ultimate Insider. Go here to get the content and Learning Center access:

Facebook PLR Videos 

This week, we added two sets of Facebook PLR Videos to the content released by Sajan and Justin.   One set is on FB Chatbots. The other is on FB Live. You can use them together with the package and create something that others do not have. This is a case, where if you pick and choose the videos and think about the product design you can come up with something there the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Get our content and the PLR here: