This is my reminder to you that this the last day for launch pricing on the Etsy PLR videos.  To recap, here is what comes in the basic version: 
1) The Step By Step Over the Shoulder Videos
2) Companion Audios
3) Lead Magnet Page
4) Lead Magnet Videos
5) The Sales Page and Thank You Page
6) Marketing Graphics and E-Covers
7) Full Video Transcripts
8) Expert Interview with Bart Hennin with PLR Rights
9) Expert Document constructed by Amy Harrop 
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What Is Covered In the Etsy Videos? 

Hereare the Front End/Basic Version Video Titles: 
0001 – Overview – Etsy
0002 – Opening Your Etsy Account
0003 – Updating-Settings
0004 – Seller Fees and Other Basics
0005 – Opening Your Shop and Starting Your Listing
0006 – Item Listing – Part-2
0007 – Production Partner
0008 – Item Listing – Part 3
0009 – Etsy Payment System
0010 – Deactivating a Listing – Store Customization
0011 – Working with Canva to Create a Store Banner
0012 – Creating Our Etsy Cover Photo
0013 – Shop Customization
0014 – Editing Shop Policies
0015 – Info and Appearance
0016 – Edit About Your Shop
0017 – Etsy Account Options
0018 – Shipping Policies
0019 – Sell With Square In Person
0020 – Conclusion 

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Personal Note   

Every package that I create, I learn something new and benefit from.  Etsy was one that by having the chance to talk to Bart Hennin about strategy, I had a chance to really see what I was missing. His expert presentation was one that quite honestly you could listen to and use all by itself.  If you’re selling the PLR, you could use this presentation as its own part of the funnel.  I will be certainly looking to find different ways to use my videos on the platform personally.   I think you’ll also see the potential when you listen to that call.  Go here to get the package: