The way to use written content when you’re building out a Learning Center with videos is to use it for workshop and/or training content.  I can tell you from experience that there are days when you need to write out a 40 minute to an hour workshop, you have less than a day to do it and you’re staring at a blank screen. 

When you have well researched PLR, you can take it and convert it over to a workshop. Since Tiffany doesn’t outsource her research and does it herself, I am an advocate of her written content.  She’s also a doer…so when you see little things inside of her e-books, it typically comes from experience. 

That means you can teach your customers and workshop attendees with confidence.  I tell you all of this as I remind you that her launch price expires tonight at midnight EST.  We’ve put together a package to help you to leverage it…go here: 

You can also go straight to the page and get it here:  

How I Personally Undertake This Process of PLR-to-Workshop Conversion 

In building out my own Niche Occupation, I am personally doing this.  I am currently in the process of building a workshop archive and podcast archive. That means that I am unconcerned that I don’t have tens of thousands of attendees or listeners to my local niche content. What I want is to have an archive when I formally launch both of them.  

So, this week, rather than just teach a session that leads to one of my PLR video courses, I decided to take the content given to me as a review copy by Firelaunchers and turn it into a workshop for this coming Thursday. When you get their Google My Business PLR, I will give you: 
1) The Machine Transcription of my Workshop
2) The PowerPoint Re-Make of my Workshop
3) The Recording of my Workshop
4) Additional PLR Video Courses 

Go here to get my re-working + the Google My Business PLR: 

Coming Up: Anchor Podcasting 

Our next PLR project will be about starting your podcast using the free Anchor app.  I will tell you more about it as time goes forward.