Today there is a release from Chad Eljisir that you can use to teach your people about Mindmapping.  We’ve added in a set of videos for the front end (basic Evernote over-the-shoulder videos) and for the back end (advanced Evernote over-the-shoulder videos).  You can use these to create a pretty interesting “get organized” product for the end of the year.  Go here to get it:  

In Case You Missed It – Affiliate Marketing Content 

In case you missed my additions yesterday, I put together a package for you to use with Francis’ video PLR package.  We’ve added in videos with resell rights as well as two sets with full PLR rights. Go here to get it:  

Audience Building Strategy 

At the end of the month, I will be doing a “hard-hat” masterclass with “regular” people who have built an audience that buys from them. It’s important to me NOT to do a celebrity vanity summit. I want to give you some actionable information that you can use to get people to want to buy your PLR offers. I know that if you do that…you’ll keep buying my videos.  Why would you not? 

The key is to start getting people to listen to you and I have always suggested that you start by doing your own regular live workshop. From experience, you have to start doing it consistently before you can expect people to come…if you don’t have star power. 

People ask me all of the time how to start selling this stuff (meaning the PLR they have)? I say the same thing now, that I’ve said for years. Start teaching. You’ll say back to me, “yes, but no one is listening” and “no one will come to my training”… And I will say back to you, “yes, then you’re not yet teaching the right thing…for next week’s training, teach something else.” 

And that is the benefit of having good trainer PLR. 
Simple business model: 
1) Invite everybody in earshot to your workshop
2) Teach something cool
3) Ask for opt-in
4) Make offer with your PLR videos and a supercool bonus no one else has 

Next week, do the same thing. In fact, do it every week. If you stick with it, good things can happen. We will provide you with the tools and content to do this as an Ultimate Insider.  Go here to get access: 

Upcoming Video PLR Titles 

We are planning some good titles and a few surprises for you during the month of December. There will be a few items that we’ll do as limited. And some that will be our normal video PLR. The video titles will be planned for Mondays. Our next one is Mailchimp. 

So, in other words…stay tuned.