Today at midnight we will be raising the price of the advanced version of Microsoft Teams.  Last night, we recorded a bonus webinar that you will able to use as part of your content.  It’s now been edited and is on the download page of the advanced version. I’ve also included the slide presentation for you to use. To get the advanced version, you’ll find a direct link on the download page of the basic version of Teams.  To get the basic version, go here: 

To watch the replay of yesterday’s advanced Teams training go here:  

Traffic to Your PLR Offers From LinkedIn 

On Tuesday, I sat down with David Espino to talk to him about his method for getting traffic to pages using LinkedIn. You can watch and/or listen to the conversation here. I’ve also put together some resources for you to be able to use.  You can get access to them here:  

I Goofed Yesterday 

Yesterday, I inadvertently left the video unsaved on the page that explained the additional resources I put together for Francis’s unique PLR. So, if you got there and thought you were crazy, you weren’t.  It was me. In any case, it’s now fixed and my video explains now–correctly–what we put together for this package.   It’s a resource I purchased and have been waiting for the opportunity to use.  Get it here: