I know I’m dating myself here, but one of my favorite movies growing up was the Blues Brothers.  I mean, for one…it was set in Chicago.  And secondly, I liked the music (Sweet Home Chicago is/was my favorite). But there is one part in the movie that makes me uncomfortable to to this day.   It’s the part when John Belushi’s character Jake goes into the restaurant, and in order to coax the maitre’d to rejoin the band, he turns around and says, “how much for the women?” I know it’s a joke, but it still give me the willies  Of course, there is no price for which the guy would trade his wife and daughters. 

I have been the same way about the bonuses that I have been providing. I was typically never willing to sell them at any price.  And to figure out workarounds wasn’t my thing.  Many of them are things I personally created… So, for my annual 4th of July sale, I am going to pull out some of the stuff I have personally created and give you the chance to get it. Every year I do a sale where the price is $7.40…. Tomorrow at 9 AM EST, we will start (in the past, I have started at 730 AM). If you’re an Ultimate Insider, check the updates tomorrow morning to get your 20% discount.  I have no idea how long the sale will go.  I will at some point want to focus on something else and end it. 

Other Stuff Available 

One of our more popular titles is Zoom.  We did a step by step over the shoulder video course of how to use the platform. It’s still available here: 


PS…Fun Fact about the Blues Brothers.  Laurel was in the movie as an extra.  Look here at the 2:00 point…lol