We’re giving you PLR rights to two versions of a live presentation on video marketing, including: 
1) The Video(s)
2) The PowerPoint Scripts
3) The Machine Transcriptions 

One version is a non-MMO (for the Zoo/W+ Audience) and the other is for the MMO audience.  They are slightly different.   We’ve also added in four additional video courses, two for the front end and two for the back end.  Get them all here: 

The Newest Hackathon: Workshop Revolution 

We are ready to start a new Hackthon this week.  This time we’ll be building out what I call the missing part of most funnels with PLR. It’s the trust funnel where you set up and do a regular workshop or training.   This is something I’ve done and taught about over the years, but never actually discussed the how to do it.  It’s now the perfect fit into our discussion of getting people to trust us enough to want to purchase our continuity offer. The sessions will be live, but recorded and you’ll be able to watch any of the replays.  To get signed up for session one, go here: 

All Hackathons and the Accompanying PLR Is Part of the Ultimate Insider Program 

The Hackathon that we’re releasing will be part of the Ultimate Insider Program.  It will be inside of the September Folder when you login. Also there will be our Anchor.FM Video PLR Set of video. To sign up as an Ultimate Insider, go here: