Two blatantly wrong myths to straighten out… 

Myth One: Dudes Are Not on Etsy

Pffft… There are dudes on Etsy absolutely killing it. Now, I suggest that before you prepare to sell the package, that you listen to my expert session with Bart Hennin (a dude) talk about how to truly leverage Etsy. It will probably change your perspective on it. Get our PLR here:

Myth Two: Etsy is Only for People That Sell Physical Products 

Nope. Wrong again. This time, I direct you to the advanced version of the course where I show you how to create a digital product and then get it on Etsy and how Etsy actually makes room for you to do it. I also suggest you read through the bonus in our package from Amy Harrop.  She explains one way to create graphics that you can sell on Etsy or anywhere else for that fact.