The kind of person that I would like to see sign up for the PLR Video Learning Center Hackathon is someone that wants to do a little work.  Then be willing to work to get people to what he or she has built. 

Unfortunately, most people won’t fit that category. Some will come just because I am adding in 3 video courses with full PLR rights. 

But, a video Learning Center isn’t all ‘unicorns, free tacos and pixie dust.’ You’re going to have to grab your (digital/virtual) hard hat, put it on, and think.  Then you’re going to have to do some work. You’re probably going to be against a deadline if you hold yourself accountable to keep up with me. 

Basically, its a hassle you don’t have right now. Most would rather humblebrag on Facebook instead. Which is fine.  I only want people that: 
1) Want to build something that they can brand and add on to over time. 
2) Want to get their PLR videos off their hard drive and into a sellable form without having to re-record videos. 
3) Will think through their individual circumstance and use their existing tools. 
4) Will watch the session and use the searchable archive to make sure they understand. 
5) Will ask questions, get them answered and will go back to fix their Learning Center. 
6) Will actually use the 3 video courses with full PLR rights that I’m giving you as a bonus and put them in a Learning Center. 

If that sounds like you, go here: