Today, we are releasing our instructional over-the-shoulder tutorial TikTok set of PLR video content to you as promised.   The funnel does include an opportunity for you to get the Clubhouse videos also. Go here to get TikTok: 

Get them also as an Ultimate Insider here:

Dress Up Your PLR Videos Without Photoshop 

Over the years, I’ve followed the work of Max Rylski.  I can’t say that I know him personally as I do others in our space. But I have purchased from him often and his graphics were the first that I started using where I could make sense of how to create a 3D Box on the fly before I learned Photoshop. 

Max has recently redone a set of graphics that you can use to rebrand the PLR videos you get from us. So, you’d never be stuck with the look or feel of the graphics.  You can swap them out for something that’s closer to what you want. And THAT is critically important when you are building a video Learning Center.  Because you want to have a consistent look and feel to the products you’re offering while being able to put the graphics together without a lot of hassle. Go here to get Max’s new covers: