Just as it has been all of the other nights, tonight’s daily PLR training video is in the group, as well as on our live channel page.  It starts at 8 PM EST nightly.   

WordPress PLR 

Sure, WordPress isn’t a sexy subject. But it’s necessary for you and I to know and teach. For DIY business owners, it’s still a staple even as other companies are tying to race into the space.  No other platform has as many people developing plugins, themes, etc, and in some cases making them free. We put together resources to help you teach it.  Go here to get access: 

Homesteading PLR? 

The PLR that we introduced to you this morning, if you’ve not yet looked, is on the subject of Homesteading.  I’ll be quite honest, I don’t know much about the subject. Laurel has talked about it over the years and it seems that there are more people every year that surprise us with their knowledge and desire to to it. 

Now, Harrisburg is sort of in the middle of nowhere, but we’re both Chicago ans, born and raised.  The idea that we’d even entertain it is funny. I think that’s why I like the fact that somebody living it actually did the PLR.  If you go see her site and her eBay store, this lady walks the walk.  So, you’re getting accurate content on the subject.  Go here to get it: 

Training Videos 

My intention with the daily video is to provide you with: 
1) Tools and Tips to help you
2) A Glimpse at Content that you’ll see in an upcoming product
3) A Chance to Get Access to our next course free 

Keep your eyes on what I actually say in the message about the videos. In some cases, I’ll give you straight up PLR rights to the video so that you can use it. As I said, to view the video live you can go to the Facebook Group, or join me at 8 PM EST….here: