Yesterday, an Ultimate Insider had a question about our most recent PLR content release. JL writes…Can you clarify what the purpose of “The Purpose of The Canva Workshop for Video Kits” is exactly? Great question, and I am glad he asked.  Here is how I answered him.
You could…
1) Record your own YouTube videos  
2) Redo the course in your voice
3) Use the slides as a handout with the videos
4) Rewrite, add in commentary and put the book on Kindle
5) Do a live workshop like the one I did on Tuesday 

As far as the course platforms like Udemy, I don’t know the spirit of their rules. I don’t think you could do it word-for-word with the transcript. Go here to get the Canva content: 

Go here to become and Ultimate Insider and get the content and everything else in the funnel at 30% off: 

Written Content PLR 

There is lots of written content being released these days.  Tiffany has been doing some limited edition content that is hard to keep up with. I had taken to placing the offers on one page and then stopped. But in re-thinking, it’s safer for me to just add them to the page I have.  Just note that in some cases, she may be sold out before I can update the links. I’ve also included one from Dr. Loy Puckett who is writing about kidney disease.  I know that’s not going to be on your radar in most cases, but for a few this may be a fit. Go here to the written content offer page: