Regardless of where you are in the world, you will be bombarded with the Presidential and Congressional election here in the US. 

Brace yourself. 

You and I need to have personal business goals and a strategy.  If you don’t, you will wake up on November the 5th (regardless of who you intend to support or vote for) and be exhausted by the media onslaught. As a result, and by not having any real goals in mind to work towards, there will be no discernible progress in your online business. 

I will share something with you that has been working for me for a while.  You can try it, and I think it will help you to stay focused on your goals. I have not been responding to anything shown to me by an algorithm on social media or on video. I read the Wall Street Journal (yes, the paper version); I go to my own group/page, and to the profiles of Ultimate Insiders to see what they’re up to; I selectively view the profiles of other people, including partners that I work with regularly. 

So basically, I no longer “follow” anyone.  This way, the ‘outrage machine’ doesn’t capture me. Will that work for you?  I don’t know. I will confess that it’s hard-to-impossible most days because, like most people, I respond to what I’m shown.  I broke my own law yesterday on Facebook and responded to a comment with something that I thought was insightful. I instantly regretted it.  The person didn’t get what I was saying. I then thought, oh, I better go in and clarify.   THEN, I thought, why? And I figuratively smacked myself and deleted the comment.  And my mindset was instantly more positive and productive. 

This is just one of my election survival strategies.  Even if you don’t use mine, make sure you do have one. 

Goal: Create Your Learning Center 

By the time November comes, you should have a solid ‘Netflix’ continuity offer based on all of your PLR video content.  You should teach your customers the same. We’ve talked about this in E-Learning Playbook where we laid out the business model: 

We’re in the midst of building the Learning Center in the Hackathon on Wednesday Nights.  (Very easy for you to catch up).

Video Hosting For Your Learning Center 

We’ve been talking about tools that you should be using to build out your Learning Center recently.  There is one that we’re definitely adding and one we’d like to add to Ultimate Insider (our PLR content membership and Learning Center).

 You need a place to store and serve your videos.  And right at this moment the special pricing that they’ve offered in the past was given to Zoo. They’ve promised me that I could run it recently, but never really got back to me.  But I will ask forgiveness for giving you the deal if they get miffed with me. So, make sure to use these codes when you go to the page: 
“jvzsplstart” for 67% off the Starter Version
“jvzsplpro” for 67% off the Pro Version

Use Lead Magnets to Add To Your Learning Center 

There was a tool that I suggested that you add to your Learning Center.   I am going to be purchasing an agency license once the launch ends to give to existing Ultimate Insider members that want it. The highest and best use for this is to do the same and give it to your members as an incentive to join and/or stay with you. Or hold it in reserve.   

In E-Learning Playbook, I talked about the fact that you should always surprise your community members. Go here to get the tool (remember, go through to the Agency offer):