At the Hackathon Session Four, we did hosting a second week. This is mainly because, after polling most people, it was determined that many were not half way to getting all of their videos uploaded.  (In the group, Jane stated she had over 7,000.)  I am not halfway done myself. 

So, this week was a reprieve to get videos that should already be backed up into your video host so that next week we can start the connection and membership process.   So, we’re still at the half way point and you could easily join in today and watch the first 4 episodes to catch up.  You’d still be in good shape to have your Learning Center complete in three to four weeks.   Go here to get in:

Teachable Advanced Version Price Increase 

Today is the day when we will increase the pricing of the Teachable advanced version.  This level of the product is an additional hour of on-screen instruction. In it, we are showing your customers how to go live and then add in coaching and other features. In fact, we show them the key to building a Learning Center with Teachable.  

We will be increasing the pricing on the advanced version at 1 AM EST. To get it before the pricing increase, get the basic version first. Then, go straight to get the advanced version. If you already have the basic version, check: 
1) The download page or
2) Your inbox for an email from me with the link

Two Written PLR Offers With Resources We’ve Added 

There are two recent PLR offers being released that would make for good workshop material to teach. The workshop will be where you sell your Learning Center content. 

Tiffany Lambert’s Online Success PLR 
We’ve added in a searchable database plus our content on the subject of monetization.   We’ve also added a full machine transcript of each of the videos for you to use as you put other products together.   Get Tiffany’s PLR and our resources here:

Saun and Cally’s Decision Making PLR 
I also thought that this was a good addition to those of you doing workshops where you sell your Learning Centers. As a result, we added content to help you to leverage it. Go here: