Tomorrow, we’ll be releasing Microsoft Teams PLR to you.  Later on this evening, you should check your inbox for our private email if you’re an Ultimate Insider to get the link to the basic and advanced versions. Today, there are two (2) subjects that fit well together that you can and should be picking up to blend into one series. 

Subject One: List Building 

There is a package released today that talks about list building over time.  You’ll be able to use this as a Part One of a series because you and I both know, you can’t be an effective affiliate without a list. We’ve put together our own set of resources for you to use with it.  Go here to get them along with the PLR: 

If you’d rather skip straight to the page, go here to get the PLR:

Subject Two: Affiliate Marketing 

If you are building your list correctly, you should be able to generate as an affiliate.  And this is something that you absolutely should be teaching your people. Yes, it will take them a while to “get” the big picture. But with the resources we’ve put together you can cover both newbie and advanced in one package.  Get our resources here with the PLR: 

You can go direct to the page here:

Personal Note 

If it’s going to take 21 days to make a habit, I’m hoping I can keep it up to be up by 4 and turning off all screens by 9 PM EST. It’s only been a couple of days and I can seriously see the benefit.  The fact is that I get way more done and have less time for goofing off. 

It’s a logical progression to what I picked up from Dan Kennedy in November. It helps me to see the logic in using project management systems like Microsoft Teams.  I used to think these things were “cool” but not my thing. Now, I can seriously see myself using it over Basecamp.  You’ll see what I mean when you get the PLR tomorrow.