Recently, we made pre-sell content available for you to use to create workshops and teach your customers. Tomorrow will be the last night it will be at the same price as Product Snowball Formula. Technically, I should have raised the price when I released it.  What I did was decide not to change the price from when it was just Product Snowball Formula PLR. As you know, I expanded the over-the-shoulder instructional PLR video course into Xtreme 2.0 late last week.  Go here to get it: 

Or sign up as an Ultimate Insider and get it that way here:

Last Night’s Weekend Q and A 

Last night, I did a Q & A for the entire community.  If you were unable to attend, here is the replay: 

I also recorded a podcast episode, which I will eventually put on Anchor.  I have been doing less on Facebook (which wasn’t much to start with) and more on YouTube. Social platforms like YouTube are unreliable…I realize that. But until it changes or becomes unusable, I will be ‘fishing’ for new Insiders there.  I suggest you do the same in some way for your market or niche to get new customers for your training, offers and Learning Center.   

As of right at this moment, there is traffic available to you even if you’re not an expert at SEO. Note…like all social platforms, it will change in the future. I will not rely on it.  Nor should you. But you can get what you can while the gettin’ is good. In any case, here is the podcast episode, which I will also eventually move on to Anchor:

More About YouTube 

I have invested quite a bit of time in trying to get my arms around what this platform can do for me as a content provider, as well as for you as an Insider. I will discuss this more tomorrow. My goal isn’t to talk you into following some YouTube guru, get you buying more information products or to get you off your game. I want to get you getting your content in front of people. And presently, if you’re going to educate people to get them to believe you, there is no better medium for that. If you truly start doing weekly workshops, you will want to put them on YouTube. 

All of that being said, the book that I want to suggest you read and be open to discuss will be YouTube Formula. I won’t be discussing particulars about the book tomorrow, but I will give you insight, if you: 
1) Don’t want to sell to other marketers in the Zoo/W+ space
2) Don’t have a traffic source at all
3) Don’t want to buy traffic
4) Don’t want to be a celebrity driven business (I don’t) 

This may be the medium for you to plant your flag, learn how the methodologies and algorithms work and get going.  Note, I am reading several books on this subject, so I may refer to others later.  But for now go here (make sure you look inside of the book and get the free course that goes with this):